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Capital Punishment

( In this Essay I shall provide my opinions about the Capital Punishment. )

Capital Punishment is one of the most hardest punishments that can ever be given for a criminal. the capital punishment is generally given for those people who have killed other people or sometimes for the people who tried to betray their homeland. Capital punishment is one of the oldest punishments ever known to humanity.

In fact the capital punishment is necessary at certain times when the crime rate is on an increase in a society. Capital punishment is having a big influence which may deter the criminals from doing worser crimes. A society which is plunged into crime and chaos an not refuse the execution of the criminals because lineant punishments will never be enough to decrease the increasing crime rates.

Allowing criminals to survive in the prisons by using the money that's coming from taxes collected from the people will not going to deter anybody from committing crimes. Instead, it will further encourage criminals to commit crimes. After all, the criminals can not lose the chance of living free b just committing the crime.

Capital punishment may also be necessary to punish traitor to the countray. Destoying traitors will stop the production of other traitors who may threaten the safety of a country.  No body can be given the power to damage his or her own country by taking help from other outside powers.

Those who are aginst the capital punishment are saying that the capital punishment is nothing but a way to take revenge. But these people are forgetting that a criminal who committed severe crimes in his life will not abstain easily from committing another crime when he will have the chance to do it.

No criminal can have the right to live in the government prisons by the faiclities provided by the people. If they want to do this, they must assure society that they will never do such bad crimes in the future. Even life inprisonment are sometimes not enough to deter criminals. Abolishing capital punishment is something like allowing every body to do any crime that they prefer.

Capital punishment will also prevent the criminals to form groups. A group of criminals can do much worser crimes than that a solitary criminal can ever do. If there are some people who are trying to form groups to make crimes, these people should be punished even if they have no criminall records because these people are encouraging the criminals to form groups and also to make crimes.


All those undeniable facts that I have related above is an indication of that the capital punishment is an unseperable part of an ideal social entity. If you are disagreeing with me at any point, then you're highly welcome to discuss this matter more indepthly via e-mail at

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