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Democratic Systems and Mass Communication

Democracy is a system in which people are supposed to be ruled by themselves. But it's a well known that it's not easy for the people to rule each other. There are found some evil powers who are trying to utilise this weakness of democracy. These evil powers are sometimes exaggerating the unimportant events or they hide the real things that are happening or sometimes they use their own creativity to produce events by using their power in mass communication.

In the past the weapons that these guys have used were real weapons the groups which were having opposite opinions and aims tried to eradicate each other by using their soldiers. for example Turkey have had 3 coup d'etats in just 20 years (1960 to 1980). The army which was divided into several groups has even staged coups against itself. These coups have damaged the democratic system in Turkey as well as it had a bad effect over the Turkish society.

Today the tradition has changed. Since Turkey is a member of NATO and it's also a full candidate for EU it's not easy for the army to stage a coup. Because, if they do this, they will face these International organizations which do not want to have a Fascist member among themselves. Now the new instrument that will be used to deceive the nation is called as Media. Media is a powerful way of making the minds of people busy with unimportant things while important things are happening.

A recent examplae of using media to lure the people can be seen in the Ismit earthquake that happened in the mid August in 1999. The government officials tried to hide the real things that have happened. The government reported that the number of casualties in the earthquake was slightly over 15 thousand while in fact the real nmber of the people that died was over 40 thousand. TV cahnnels abstained viewing the people who never received government aid while the aids given by the government to a limited group of people was heavily advertised.

The government is cooperating with the media to hide the real things that are happening in the Turkish economy. The TV channels and news magazines are always reporting that the government is successful in decresasing the inflation rate in Turkey while in fact the inflation rate is on a constant increase. Life is day by day becoming more expensive and the income of the workers is decreasing day by day.

This shows that mass communication can be a powerful weapon to change the real view of the thing that are happening and mass communication is also having a massive influence over the political situation in a country. Too much exploitation of the power of media can cause serious damages to the democracy of a country by causing the rise of anti democratic and dishonest governments.

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