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Political Ethics

(In this essay I am going to give my opinions over the ethical rules in politics)

There are found some ethical rules in which all the politicains need to obey. If a politician is not honest, then he can never be a good politican. Taking bribes is one of the most immoral things that can a poltician can ever do. Corruption in a politcial process in a country may influence all the other processes.

Polticians sometimes use undemocratic tactics or sometimes they cheat in the elections in order to come into power. Or, they may be using the facilities provided by the state dishonestly in order to achieve their own goals. Some politicians promise people certain things that in fact no body can do. Some politicians do not want quit their posts even if they become too old to do their jobs. In some western countries whenever a political group faces defeat, the leader is immediately asked to quit.

All the politicains who claim to become rulers of a country need to obey the impoortant ethical rules. It's immoral to promise people to do things in fact you do not plan to do or even ou can not do. Using religion as a political tool can cause religious or ethnic conflicts in a society. Racism in politics is the cause or the rise of anti-democratic, dictatorial regimes. As it happened in Nazi Germany.

Democracy is a very fragile way of ruling a country. Any corruption in  a society can cause a system shock in the state. Therefore all the citizens in a democratic state need to respect the ideology that every body is following. The anti-democratic actions in a country can cause the rise of anarchy. The coup d'etats that are staged by the military groups can damage the democracy. Human rights also have an important place. State is required to protect the basic rights of the ethnic and religious minorities. If a majority is trying to destroy other minority groups this may cause civil wars or political crises which will lead the country into a chaos.

All the politicians must obey the ethical rules and work for the union and freedom of ther country. The aim that a politican should follow should not be only the personal achievements but the aim should be making people benefit from their actions. This way, the cooperation among the people and the politicians will be more yielding and stronger than ever.

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