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Reviews on Books by Abdullah Altinkaya


In this section of my home page, I will try to include my reviews about my favorite books. Currently, I have a few number of books reviewed but God willing, I will try to expand my collection.

The first book I want to review in this corner is a book titled "Arabs and Young Turks", by Hasan Kayali, an Associate Professor of History at the University of California at San Diego. I have specially chosen this book because it lied within my topic of interest as being a history major.

In his book, Kayali tries to criticize Young Turks for abstaining Islamism or Ottomanism in favor of Turkism which led to a rising ethnic awareness among the Balkan and Middle Eastern populations of the Ottoman empire. He tries to find and bring forward all the evidences and developments which took place in this direction. He has especially pointed out the facts that increasing nationalism and secularisation have their pros and cons and impacts over ethnic stability of the empires. His book is an exciting one and I strongly suggest you to have a look at it.

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