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Abdullah's Freeware Network


My web page has a collection of freewares that may be downloaded and used with no charge. Please fell free to download them as you want.

To get ultimate gaming performance, download DirectX 7 now.

Want to make good gif animations? Then download Microsoft GIF Animator.

If you want to get a good picture viewer aloowing you to view BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, then get PicViewer Lite. Click here to begin your download. A nice alternative is IrfanViewer.

The Internet is also full with opportunities for teachers, if you are looking for freeware/shareware teaching tools, click here.

Serious about programming? then click here.

Want to embellish your web site with beautiful fonts?, then visit's by clicking here.

Freeware games only! Click here now!

Freeware computer icons can be found here, has a section on free games at is an ultimate freeware/shareware depot that one must visit.

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