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Abdullah's History Page

In the name of God, The most gracious, the most merciful.


Being a history major, I have decided to include a sub page on History in my home page. My major are of interest includes how did major changes like Renaissance and Commercial revolutions have reshaped the way of living of the people of Europe and the entire world and how the Ottoman empire, an empire that stretched from the Atlantic ocean to Persian gulf has collapsed. I am currently conducting a search on whether the rise of Ottomanism and Decentralism or ethnitism has caused the downfall of the Ottoman empire. I have found that Islam was a unifying effect among the ethnic and ruling people during the expansion of Ottoman empire but by the rise of nationalism especilly foollowing the 1908 Young Turk revolution and secularization of laws had a negative effect on etnic co-religious people who have suggested that Ottoman empire was no longer an Islamic empire bur rather a "Turkish state" and what is strikingly interesting was that the pioneers of such reactions were those who were Western educated and in some cases (as in the case of Beirut) were minority Christians and "Armenians". I must point out that my research is not just a mere recitation of past accounts but also an account of the "future" of the Turkish republic since it resembles quietly to the what Ottoman empire was having in terms of "ethnic" population except in the fact that in Ottoman empire, ethnic insurgencies occured foolowing the period when the empire became "the sick man of Europe".

For more information about the Ottoman empire, you may have a look at which is a nice web site commemorating the 700th anniversary of Ottoman empire.

There are a great number of information on Ottoman history especially stored in the university servers on the Internet and I suggest that you should have a look on them by carrying a search using the following box. I am currently working on having a web site on Ottoman history and waiting for your contributions! email me at today!

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