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AbNet, Abdullah Altinkaya's Network

New! I have expanded my web page by including news sections in it. To have a look at them, please browse the navigation bar at the left!

New! I have included a page on Online games. You can have a lots of fun there!.

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I am Abdullah Altinkaya and I am an undergraduate student of History at the Bogazici University in Turkey. I welcome you to my web site. In this web site, I will try to include interesting sections on a wide variety of topics ranging from N64 Roms to animated gifs. being a history major, I have also included a history page that I hope you shall have a look.

I am trying to make this web site an extremely resorceful and helpful for my visitors. Here, let me try to ilustrate some of the salient features of my home page.

I'm trying to collect and provide you with aouthoritative information on dictionaries and search engines on the Internet.

I hope you shall also have a look at my huge gaming collection including console roms with a special section on N64 Roms and my section on Games and Fun.

Web is a huge library of freebies, so I have decided to include several sections on freebies in my page, if you wish to get more information on these, please check the following sections; Clip art, free stuff, freewares, anmated gifs and screen savers.

My home page is not just a personal home page but it's also one of the few frequently updated home pages including reference sections on weather and dictionaries on the web.

If you are interested in Islam, then you are in the right page, all you have to do is just to visit my page, About Islam. I also have a collection of Islamic baby names.

New! Sections on Chess and Desktop themes.

Please, also sign my guest book.

Once again, I thank you for having visited this web site!

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PS. Don't forget that I am eager to receive your emails at, you can write me any time you like, if you have any question about Turkey or Islam or just to become friends. If you have a personal home page too, then I am ready to include a link to it in my home page! If you are a high school senior and want to consider to come to Turkey for your higher education, then, don't forget to consult me! Also visit my page on Study in Turkey.

Have a nice day.

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