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Islam and Modern Science

Islam and Modern Science
Islam is a divine religion and hence it has no contradictions with logic and science. In deed, Holy Qur' an  is full of miracles which prove the existence of God and the fact that most of those facts which are just discovered by today's modern scientists were known and explained in the Qur' an nearly 1400 years ago.

Such miracles are extremely common and you can easily access to relevant information through the Internet.

Here, let me relate some sites that I recommend you to visit.

Read the's article on Islam & Science.

There are also relevant information on Coranic miracles at

There are found a number of articles at

Do you believe in evolution? or in the fact that humans and apes share a common ancestor? Well, some people, especially religious muslims don't believe this and they say that this is both illogical and against Islamic beliefs the story of Adam and Eve is an indication of this). In Turkey, the country where I live in, there is a very serious propoganda in this direction. Some people are trying to discard the Evolution Theory or Darwinism so as to prove that human beings are really descendants of Adam and Eve and there is no such thing as evolution.

If you are really interested in this topic, I suggest you to have a look at which says that "the greatest fraud in the history is unveiled!".

Please, have a look at my article on Tauheed and Trinity.

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