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Tauheed and Trinity

Tauheed and Trinity
Tauheed is one of the unique characterictic of Islam that distinguishes it from other divine religions including Christianity and Judaism. It's the belief that makes Islam a strictly mono-theist religion. Thus the Tauheed corresponds to the Trinity in Christianity. Whereas Tauheed states that God i.e. the Allah is one and he is devoid of any partners or some one to whom He is in need, Trinity states that God has come to inhabit in three different parts i.e. the Father God, the Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. In Islam, the Islamic scholars have argued that believing in more than one god or that god inhabits in more than one "body" or "person" is a theologically highly illogical. It resembles visualizing a country which has been ruled by two equally sovereign powerful kings and as each of the kings would inevitably have different judgements, contradictions would shortly arise. Similarly the god should be omnipotent and not in need of any other being for his the Holy Qur'an states, Allah neither begets nor is he begotten. Thus we see that ?slam is a totally logical religion and so far even no contradiction has been found among the Islamic belief, logic and the modern science. It's the only religion that has this success and Holy Qur'an, unlike the Bible or the Old Testament has been completely preserved and brought to our day. holy Qur'an is indeed the biggest miracle of Prophet Muhammad (Peacew Be Upon Him). You'll feel the endless flavor of a truly authentic holy recitation while you listen to Qur'an.

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